Limousine Stockholm
Established 1997

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Covid Policy

Dear Clients,
The Swedish government adopted new measures to stop COVID-19, and requests the Swedish population to take a collective responsibility to stop the spread of infection. Limousine Stockholm always prioritizes their clients and works continually to ensure all transport.
Customer care is one of Limousine Stockholm’s keywords. We work continuously with the recommendations to protect our clients and co-workers. This is a certainty for us.
Limousine Stockholm has always strived to do our utmost for our clients’ safety and comfort. We will continue to do so. And always with the client in focus.
Limousine Stockholm
Limousine Stockholm undertakes a number of precautions, among them:

• All limousines are sterilized after each ride, ready for new clients.
• The chauffeurs are instructed to wear cotton gloves at all times.
• Under no circumstances is a chauffeur allowed to drive when showing symptoms.

Your health is our first priority.

20 years of experience

With 20 years experience Limousine Stockholm is the high quality, family owned, transportation company to trust.

We understand the need for professional and customer-friendly luxury transportation service. When you need to be transferred safe and comfortable in best possible manner (to or from airport, taken to a cruise ship terminal, out of city, business travel, or special occasion) we are here to help you!

We are dedicated to helping customers plan their transportation arrangements with the best possible service.

We have trained and qualified Stockholm guides and can offer multilingual sightseeing with personal guide and a little extra on including among others English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese and Persian.

We look forward to serving you and your guests. Our commitment to personal, professional service makes us the best choice for luxury transportations in Stockholm.